Allison McGuire(non-registered)
Do you have any pictures of Tra Barrientes (220 lb class) at state wrestling this year? He’s from Sylvan Unified. I’m his Mom and trying to find a picture! Thanks
Amy M Wasinger
Great photos!!! Anytime you want to shoot TMP I'm there!
Becky Winchell(non-registered)
Excellent pictures. I see they're copyrighted with your name. Do you sell them, & if so how much? I'm interested in the Troy/Phillipsburg ones. My nephew is #5 for Troy.
Jasmine Strecker
Fabulous Pictures!!!!! Thank you so much for making the trip! Your work is amazing!! Please come again!
Jacque Sherrill
Thank you for the great gallery of photos from Hodgeman County vs Spearville. We appreciate you being here for the game! Please come again!
Michelle Yohe(non-registered)
Everett- WOW, the pictures are Awsome! Thanks so much for all your pictures of Leopard Football, have been really enjoying them this year!
Shelly McVicker(non-registered)
Thank you for choosing the Ness City vs Solomon Sub-State game to photograph! Looking forward to seeing what your talent captured! Hope to see you on the sideline in Newton! Take Care, Shelly
Thanks Everett for your wonderful pics at the Sub-state and State game of Thunder Ridge. It was great getting to meet you and we appreciate your awesome pictures! Love your pictures in the Hays Daily News. Keep up the good work!
Thank you lots for all the pictures you take. Whenever I see them it brings back a lot of memories :D I love it. Thanks Everett :)
Joy Yost

Thanks for what you do with the sports photos. OBHS students are really enjoying seeing themselves in action!

Joy Yost
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